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‘Red & White Blues’ Album

I’ve just released a new album called ‘Red & White Blues’!  You can get CDs here.

You can buy the whole thing or individual tracks on iTunes here.

Here’s a video of me playing the first track.


More Harmony Guitar & Tarrega

This month I published another GT tutorial on harmony guitar. This time the focus is on minor scales.

Classical guitar practice also continues! I plan on reshooting and publishing my entire introductory classical curriculum in HD throughout 2015. Here’s a lovely, little Tarrega piece called ‘Adelita’.

Classical Guitar Practice & New Harmony Guitar Tutorial

Hello, 2015!

Here’s a little classical guitar practice, Bach’s “Joy Of Man’s Desiring”.

I also published the second in my series of harmony guitar tutorials on


Jingle Bell Blues Tutorial

Last year I made this little video. I got a lot of positive feedback, so I released it as a single & made a tutorial for Guitar Tricks.




Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Harmony Guitars Tutorial Series 1 Part 1

I’ve recently published the first in a series of tutorials on how to play harmony guitar parts.

This tutorial series is about creating and playing two part harmony guitar lines in rock style music. This is often one guitar part playing a melody, lead or solo part that is harmonized by a second guitar. Major scale harmony will be used to explore the basic types of contrapuntal motion: similar, oblique and contrary.

We’ll discuss the basic ways to create melodies and harmonize them. Then we’ll create several melodies and harmonize them in different ways, using different intervals, types of motion and timbres. There will be lots of backing tracks so you can get experience playing along with the various parts and doing it yourself!

Earlier this year I posted a demo video while I was working on the ideas & materials that would become this tutorial series.


Greasy Lizard

This is a demo of a funky blues tune I’m working on called “Greasy Lizard”. I’m using a patch on my Zoom Multi-FX pedal that combines a Mu-tron and Octaver into my Reason Amps Bambino on Stack mode.

This tune has lyrics which will be on the final version when I finish my upcoming blues album.


More Blues Style Rhythm & Lead

My latest GT tutorial is more on combining rhythm riffs & lead licks.

This particular riff is the one I used in this vid.


Star Spangled Banner

If you start learning this one now, then, you’ll be ready to play it by Independence Day!

This tutorial is beginner level single note melody arrangement of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’.  I also have another, more advanced version for electric guitar.

And for students with more traditional music tastes, here is a solo classical arrangement.

Finally, I did a total face-melting version for fun with my Strat for this month’s video blog.  Enjoy!


Harmony Guitars

I’ve been working on a series of tutorials covering harmony guitar parts.

The entire series is going to be about creating and playing two part harmony guitar lines in pop-rock style music.  This is often accomplished by one guitar part playing a melody, lead or solo part that is harmonized by a second guitar.  I cover the basic theory of melody and harmonization in major and minor key tonality.  I’ll cover the basic types of intervals & contrapunctal motion used.  I’ll also show how variations in tone & timbre play an important aspect with overdrive tone, clean tone, different pickups.

Every lesson will be culminate in a musical example that the student can play along with in order to put the ideas into practice with a working application.

In the process of preparing for shooting this material I did several demos.  This month’s video blog is one of those demos!

This is a technique I learned from listening to Deep Purple, Queen, and other rock bands that played wonderful harmony guitar parts!  I used this technique to an extreme degree in my “Prometheus” symphony of Stratocasters.