Artistic Manifesto


Modern, as a Musical genre, is largely superficial, pretentious, and a waste of time and effort. The development of various compositional tools (such as Atonalism, Aleatoric [“chance” composition], Serialism) was always found to be lacking in some aspect concerning the fundamental nature of Music. Much of Modern music was specifically interested in consciously moving away from Integration, towards deliberate Disintegration. Some Modern developments were certainly Original, however, were quite Grotesque and Ugly; or at best, Not Gorgeous. The music of one of the few Good Modern composers, Stravinsky, was highly Original and many times Beautiful. However, most often he stumbled into the same type of pitfalls and mistakes made by some of the great Romantics. Some of the composers of this era flatly ignored these Modernistic trends and ideas. By doing so they were able to create their own highly individualistic style rising out of the ashes of the best parts of Classical and Romanticism. Noteworthy in this respect were Joplin, Gershwin and Copeland.

The New Universe Of Musical Direction must address the issues that have inhibited the Great and Noble Art Of Music. And it must be aimed at the fundamental nature of Art, Music and The Individual Human Being. For far too long Music has suffered under the unbearable weight of False Philosophical Premises and, therefore, False Dichotomies (Logical versus Passionate, Intelligent versus Beautiful, Serious versus Entertaining, Moral versus Practical, Benevolent versus Determined, Original versus Gorgeous, Innovative versus Integrated). Simply because this is the way things are currently viewed does not mean it has to be this way. Art is to project how things ought to be.

In the search for a new defining term, New, Modern, Contemporary are transitory and meaningless in the context of a timeless standard. For that matter, new and old, traditional and progressive, conservative and liberal are pointless terms without a pre-established, well-defined context. In the context of Music, the Essential Characteristic of Romanticism is the recognition of Man’s Volitional Capacity. However, while Romanticism acknowledged and referred to it, this reference was for the most part in an ultimately negative and malevolent manner. Therefore, Romanticism, alone is not sufficient to capture what I am after.

If Man is to continue on an Irrational Course, then He has no Future. If Man charts a Rational Course, then He has a Future. And a Grand, Great Adventure it will be. What I seek to create is the Musical Soundtrack that will not only pave the way into the Future, but also be a source of enjoyment once He is there. Thus, the perfect descriptive adjective to compliment my Musical Style and to place as a banner proclaiming the New Universe Of Musical Direction.

Welcome to Futuristic Romanticism.

Welcome to the Future.

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