Hey, Hey, it’s the Monkees!

One of the reasons I play guitar is that I was inspired by watching the Monkees TV show.  I can still remember being 7 years old, tuning into those reruns & thinking it would be the greatest thing in the world to live in a beach house with bandmates, play music & have zany adventures every day.


Covering Old Pop Tunes

I’ve been having fun doing covers of old pop tunes.  Here are a couple of them!

Boss Katana Amp Demos

I got a Boss Katana 50W amp!  I made some demos of the various tones, settings, effects.  All the way from clean jazz.

To funky blues.

To crunch tone rock.

Here’s the whole playlist.  Enjoy!


Athena Symphony 5 in G-Sharp Minor

My “Athena” Symphony 5 in G# Minor is now available on CDBaby, iTunes & Spotify.  It’s a 4 movement traditionally tonal symphonic work rendered with virtual orchestral software.








Major Notes In Minor Pentatonic

I’ve been working on updating this series of GT tutorials on spicing up blues licks.  The central idea is to use the minor pentatonic boxes we know and love as guitarists, but to target chord tones.  This means that you can use those familiar pentatonic boxes as a visual reference, but to add spice by targeting major chord tones from the dominant seventh chords in the standard 12 bar blues changes.

This works well because it’s one of the reasons “blues” sounds like it does: the use of minor notes in a primarily major harmonic context.  So, in order to make our blues sound better, we should incorporate major notes into the minor scales when we play melodic lines!

Notice that if you play the major third of the A major chord along with the A minor pentatonic scale, then you immediately get an distinctly “bluesy” sound.

GT recently made some of the lessons in this first tutorial free to view!

Here’s a demo of the play along!  Enjoy!

Working On Duke Tunes

These are the first two demos of a new project I’m working on.  The idea is to play old jazz standards in a blues trio format: Strat, bass & drums.  I might even sing a few!  For now, these first two Duke Ellington tunes are instrumentals.  Enjoy!




Fast Blues Lick Lesson

Here’s a short lesson on sequencing pentatonic minor in 3s to use as a fast blues lick.

I have in depth GT tutorials on playing this pattern across the fretboard in all 5 pentatonic boxes.

Major pentatonic

Minor pentatonic

Enjoy!  Play more guitar!


Robot Overlords at the Disco

2017 is the year of the robot.  Or at least my robot album.  I’ve already posted some of my robot songs.  I’ll repost them as I get ready to release the album.  For now, here’s a new video of my robot at the discotheque.  Enjoy!



When I finished writing and recording “Prometheus” in 2013 I had a few unused melodies & ideas left over.  They became the beginning of the compositional process for “Rise”.

Once again, the focus is on long, heroic melodies & epic themes done with electric guitar & rock instrumentation!  But this time there are six pieces & the
storyline is more abstract.  Each one of the six tracks is titled with one word that conveys a concept to move the stereotypical story arc forward.

There are 3 melodic themes used in this long introductory piece.  They are interconnected, or integrated, by means of being modulated through different keys, worked through variations & played at various dynamic levels.

The 1st track of “Rise” is “Struggle”.

New Electric Guitar Album!

New album! Electric Guitar! Available now! iTunes & Spotify soon!


Here’s the first track, “Clear The Decks!”  Enjoy!