Triads & Inversions

I’m reshooting my series of tutorials that cover learning triads & inversions.  The idea is to show how to cover the entire guitar fretboard with major & minor chord triads: root positions, 1st inversions & 2nd inversions!

This really helps to open up the fretboard beyond the open chords & barre chords that guitarists often start out learning.  Applying a little chord theory really helps make your guitar playing more melodic & therefore more musical.

The first 2 of the series are published!  There will be a total of 8 tutorials (120 plus individual lesson vids!).  I hope complete this project by the end of 2016.

Practicing Major Triads & Inversions Series 1

Practicing Minor Triads & Inversions Series 1

Here’s a teaser vid! Enjoy!

New Jazz Guitar Tutorial & Free Blues Lesson

My newest GT tutorial covers four different ways to approach a fundamental jazz guitar technique, a turnaround with a walking bass line.

I also published a brief lesson on my YouTube channel covering a fundamental blues lick.

I cover that lick and it’s many applications in more depth on GT.


Symphony 4 in F Major “America”

Symphony 4

Symphony 4 in F Major “America” is now available on iTunes.

And, of course, CDBaby!


New classical guitar album

Last year I played a lot of classical guitar. My primary goal was to reshoot about 100 of my classical guitar curriculum video lessons for These were lessons I did 5-10 years ago, but needed to be upgraded to HD vid, better audio, general production specs.

So, a lot of my studio time in 2015 was spent playing, rehearsing, filming, recording, editing classical guitar music! While my focus & chops were up to the task, I worked on the parallel, secondary goal of recording some of these pieces to release on an album.

Ten pieces made the cut. And this is the resultant album. Enjoy!

Classical Guitar.indd

Harmony Guitar Series Completed

I recently published the fourth tutorial in a series on harmony lead guitar parts. I show how to harmonize major scales & melodies, as well as minor scales & melodies. I cover the basic types of contrapuntal motion: similar, oblique and contrary. As usual there are lots of backing tracks in order to get hands on experience playing along with the various parts and doing it yourself!

This video is an example of what I’m teaching in these tutorials. I did this as a demo when I was planning the tutorial.

You can find all four tutorials in the series at Guitar Tricks! Enjoy!

Harmony Guitar Series 1 Part 1
Harmony Guitar Series 1 Part 2
Harmony Guitar Series 2 Part 1
Harmony Guitar Series 2 Part 2

Carol Of The Bells (Electric)

This holiday I did an electric guitar arrangement of “Carol Of The Bells”.

And I teach the whole thing at Guitar Tricks!

Happy holidays!

Practical uses for arpeggios

I’ve had several conversations recently related to arpeggios, triads, inversions, scale harmonization, various practical uses for all of those. So I did a quick vid about it for fun! Enjoy!

Beethoven “Adagio Cantabile”

I recently finished filming a tutorial on this piece.  So, while it was fresh in mind & fingers I recorded another performance to post on my YouTube channel.

I plan on publishing the complete tutorial on later this year.  So far this year I’ve published HD reshoots of all my beginner classical material including: an introduction to the style, proper posture & technique, left hand technique overview, right hand technique overview, single string sight reading exercises, simple melodies & a beginner Sor study piece.

This is a link to my instructor page.

Guitar Tricks lesson catalog

Go learn how to play classical guitar style!



“Viking” Symphony 2 in E Minor

Symphony 2 in E Minor “Viking” is now available on iTunes. It features another gorgeous cover design by my Viking Artist friend Klaus Nordby.

Viking Symphony on iTunes

Schlegel Viking Symphony

It’s also available on Spotify.


Summer Fun

I took a break from practicing, recording & teaching classical guitar material to have some summer fun.

Here’s a tune I wrote years ago and finally recorded.

And here are a couple of demos I did for FX pedals that my cousin built!

Finally, I also did some demo mini tunes featuring his custom built FX pedals! Enjoy!

The Billy Booster for Blues.

The MXR Micro Amp with tone control for pushing a humbucker over the top.

The DOD 250 for a nice thick overdriven Strat tone.