What is Truth Against The World?

Truth Against The World is the domain name of the official website & online presence of the Schlegel Entertainment Company. Truth Against The World Music is the name of Christopher Schlegel’s music publishing company (ASCAP registered).

What is the Schlegel Entertainment Company?

The Schlegel Entertainment Company is a small for-profit business registered in Henry County, Tennessee. It is owned and operated by Christopher Schlegel. The Company’s product is music created, arranged, produced, performed, and taught by Christopher Schlegel.

Why is the name of the website “Truth Against The World”?

As a teenager Christopher Schlegel discovered and admired Frank Lloyd Wright’s work & attitude. Several books about Wright claim his family motto/crest was “Truth Against The World” (or in Latin “Veritas Contra Mundum”). Wright was quite fond of this motto as it summed up his own personal artistic credo. Upon reading this Schlegel thought, “That’s awesome. I can use that.” Eventually he did.

Does the Schlegel Entertainment Company have a “mission statement”?

Yes. The long version is here in the form of an artistic manifesto. The short version is, “Making money by doing Schlegel music, Schlegel’s way.”

Can I get guitar, piano, theory, composition lessons from Christopher Schlegel?

Yes and no. Currently, Schlegel is not accepting private students. This may change in the future, please check back or contact. As of now the only place to get music lessons from Schlegel is &

How can I get information to, from or about Christopher Schlegel?

Email him info (at) truthagainsttheworld (dot) com. Or sign up for Newsletter Updates.