Classical Guitar

Review From The Rational Argumentator

Christopher Schlegel Classical GuitarMr. Schlegel’s sonatas for classical guitar are gentle, nimble, and elegant; their character is aristocratic in the best sense of the term. Any admirer of 19th-century classical guitar music will find Mr. Schlegel’s compositions worthy successors to it; his melodies are as intricate and graceful as any from that period and convey a similar setting of refined, contemplative leisure. The allegro movements are swift and agile—with their melodies developing gradually over time; every measure, Mr. Schlegel introduces some slight change from the prior one—which the discerning listener will notice as he follows the melody; there is plenty to analyze or simply enjoy. The adagio movements are excellent stimulators of peaceful reflection and relaxation; their melodies convey warmth and calm. Each sonata also has a “dance” movement—a minuet or waltz—which is intricately structured and dignified. The first two sonatas—in A Major and in C Major—have a classical European manner to them, while the Sonata in E Minor exhibits a clear Latin flavor. All three works radiate a benevolence that invites the listener into them and rewards his exploration of them with note after pleasant note.