Orchestral Suites

After writing my six symphonies I decided to take a break from large scale pieces. I wanted to try composing smaller scale pieces for three purposes.

The first purpose was to build my skills in this specialized area. It was challenging to write orchestral pieces in a miniature framework. The second purpose was to have some material that I could use as potential background music for film and video scoring. The third and final purpose was that I wanted to write some pieces that would incorporate non-orchestral timbres and sounds that were available only by virtue of digital synthesizers.

This CD contains 13 of over 100 small scale, stand-alone orchestral pieces that I wrote to fulfill those purposes. You will hear pieces featuring real-world orchestra instruments via digital sampled recordings of them along with sounds only possible via the high-tech genius of digital synthesizers. There are three solo piano pieces that provide nice transitions here and there.