Piano Concertos

Review From The Rational Argumentator

In his two piano concertos, Objectivist composer Christopher Aaron Schlegel provides a panorama of music of truly high culture, in its past, present, and future. The first concerto, in its succession of Classical, Romantic, and Modern movements, presents the best elements of time periods ranging from the era of Beethoven to that potential musical Renaissance that could be achieved through a rational (as opposed to dissonant and chaotic) use of the rhythmic and harmonic innovations discovered in the twentieth century. The second concerto takes the listener into absolutely new territory; it is a welcoming, benevolent exposition of Mr. Schlegel’s unique compositional style of Futuristic Romanticism. These piano concertos, by virtue of the instrument types used, are able to integrate Mr. Schlegel’s skills in symfonic creation with his ability to extract the maximum possible variety, expression, and grandeur from the piano.