Piano Waltzes

Review From The Rational Argumentator

Any thorough connoisseur of classical music will recall the contemplative elegance of piano waltzes from the Romantic era, notably the works of Chopin, Schubert, Beethoven, and Liszt. How often has such a listener found himself disappointed that the era in which these works were created had been but a brief stretch of a bygone past? How often has he thought that new developments in this genre have not occurred for over a century? Nevertheless, the mindset that created these works still survives today, and has been used to create a series of compositions which provide a benevolent listening atmosfere, and wonderfully expressive logical patterns for the listener to follow. Objectivist composer Christopher Aaron Schlegel has crafted twenty-four piano waltzes, one in every key, major and minor. Combined, these waltzes constitute a two-CD collection and provide over eighty minutes of esthetic pleasure and originality.