Pop / Rock


Pop-Rock with a fun, quirky perspective. If the Beatles and Frank Zappa did a George Gershwin tribute album it might sound like this. “Sad Cafe” is tongue in cheek lament from the male perspective about two, uh, star(bux)-crossed lovers. “Seas Of Discontent” was written after listening to a lazy blockhead I know whine about how terrible his life is. “The Secret Detective” is a tribute to the hard-boiled private eyes in all those nifty B&W film noir movies. I am imagining myself in that context as I observe the people I interact with on a daily basis. “I Remember” is remembering falling in love. “Intrepid Existence” is just how I think and feel. “Won’t You Let Me In?” is just the truth and my wife loves me anyway. So there. “Effort” is what is takes. “Already There” is where you might be if you don’t know where you’re going. “Until (Ethan’s Song)” On July 24th, 2002 Rena gave birth to our first child: our son, Ethan Aaron Schlegel. We are having the time of our lives as parents and that is what this song is about. “Like That” was written for my wife’s birthday and was a perfect excuse for me to pretend I was the Gershwin Bros. writing and Sinatra crooning.